play Jane's Hotel

Jane's Hotel

Help Jane run her hotel and make the most famous of the city. Give the keys, coffee and take a tip. Later when enhance various rooms and your hotel, you'll also clean, deliver the paper and fix the television. Really a good management game!

Play Jane's Hotel
play Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Back to the very famous and hit game in the last months Flappy Bird in your computer.
You could not download it to your phone and it's too late? You have so much wanted to try this famous game? Our satisfy this desire with this flash version of the famous game. Challenge your friends and try to get the highest score by flying with your sympathetic and yellow bird.

Play Flappy Bird
play Super Shopping 2

Super Shopping 2

Play the second episode of Super Shopping where you can buy new clothes and accessories for a long time.
With your excellent business sense, I'm sure that soon you will become a great model. Then buy clothes that you like and take part in fashion shows in this amazing dress up game Super Shopping 2.

Play Super Shopping 2
play Family Barn

Family Barn

Family Barn finally on MyGameGirl.com! It's time to have your own farm and take care of animals and vegetables! Be careful...Family Barn is really addictive!

Play Family Barn

Games For Girls

Play Family Barn
Family Barn
Family Barn finally on MyGameGirl.com! It's time to have your own farm and take care of animals and vegetables! Be careful...Family Barn is really addictive!
Play Carnival Challenge
Carnival Challenge
All the carnival is concentrated in this city and expect your management in this fantastic time management game Carnival Challenge.
Play Autumn Fashion Models
Autumn Fashion Models
Summer has come to an end. The temperature is dropping and the models of Autumn Fashion Models know this very well.
Play Perfume Shop
Perfume Shop
Open your perfume shop and becomes an expert in the field in Perfume Shop.
Play Kiss At The Beach
Kiss At The Beach
This young couple can not even relax on the beach and you will understand very well in Kiss At The Beach.
Play Dress Up Hospital Nurses
Dress Up Hospital Nurses
Today we're going to make a hospital visit with friends with Tessa Dress Up Hospital Nurses.
Play Kitty Hotel
Kitty Hotel
This is your first day in a hotel for cats. Hotels in Kitty are in fact left the most beautiful cats in the city.
Play Cute Poodle Puppy
Cute Poodle Puppy
Caring for a new puppy is never easy but with your help in Cute Poodle Puppy everything will be easy.
Play Stella Hair Spa Salon
Stella Hair Spa Salon
The Princess of the Winx Stella needs you for spa treatments in Stella Hair Spa Salon.
Play Vampire Clan Dentist
Vampire Clan Dentist
This nice vampire girl is teased for his teeth. Help her in Vampire Clan Dentist.
Play Stella's Sandwich - Boutique
Stella's Sandwich - Boutique
Stella helps to prepare fantastic and juicy sandwich following the demands of customers in Stella's Sandwich Shop.
Play Princess Cinderella - Clean Up 2
Princess Cinderella - Clean Up 2
Order the room and 'the only way to go to the royal ball for the Princess Cinderella - Clean up.

Play Tropical Wedding
Tropical Wedding
The sky is clear and blue. The beach sand is soft. The day is ideal to celebrate a Wedding Tropical.
Play Happy Dog Coloring
Happy Dog Coloring
If you are a lover of the cutest puppies furry four-legged, Happy Dog Coloring is the game for you.
Play Baking Madness - Weekend
Baking Madness - Weekend
The weekends are the most crazy can exist and this girl Baking Weekend Madness aware.
Play The Emperor's New Clothes
The Emperor's New Clothes
Follow the amazing story of this strange emperor looking at each scenario the hidden objects in The Emperor's New Clothes.
Play Barbie Selena Gomez Spa
Barbie Selena Gomez Spa
Every girl loves to go to the spas. Selena Gomez knows this very well and in fact, will accompany Barbie Selena Gomez Spa.
Play Foody Puppy
Foody Puppy
A puppy is not satisfied and the food is never enough for him. If you did not know, Foody find out soon in Puppy.
Play Run Panda Run
Run Panda Run
This little panda loves to run. Run through the forest collecting gems and jewelry Run Panda Run.
Play Beach Rescue
Beach Rescue
Leverage your irresistible charm to fall in love with the surfer next to you in Beach Rescue.
Play Baby In The Bath
Baby In The Bath
Look at this beautiful baby! Why not give him a nice bath with all these products at your disposal in Baby In The Bath.
Play My Smart Dog
My Smart Dog
This guy that I'm presenting my dog ​​is super smart. You'll have the proof in My Smart Dog.
Play New Colorful Manicure
New Colorful Manicure
You need to prepare your nails for the end of summer? Choose the most beautiful colors with New Colorful Manicure.
Play Tessa's Crepes
Tessa's Crepes
Today you're going to prepare the beautiful Tessa cook the crepes flavored with orange in The Crepes of Tessa.
Play Spend All Parents Money
Spend All Parents Money
Take advantage of all the money you have given your parents for the holidays in the best way with All Parents Spend Money.
Play Chocolate Town
Chocolate Town
Do you know that there is a city made entirely of chocolate? They also ask for your help to build it in Chocolate Town.
Play Fashion Designer 2
Fashion Designer 2
Test your talent and your good taste for fashion with Fashion Designer 2.
Play Prom Shop
Prom Shop
Fulfills all the demands of your customers about fashion and a unique style in a fantastic time management game Prom Shop.
Play Chocolate Cheesecake
Chocolate Cheesecake
Barbie wants to prepare a delicious chocolate cake. Search all the ingredients you need for a Chocolate Cheesecake.
Play Tropical Fashion Models
Tropical Fashion Models
Play this fantastic game tropical. Outside it is very hot and the day is ideal to go to sea with Tropical Fashion Models.
Play Gina's Juice Bar
Gina's Juice Bar
Prepare the best drinks and juices with Gina and her new bar. Ladies and gentlemen immediately take a place in Gina's Juice Bar.
Play Selena Gomez Beauty Salon
Selena Gomez Beauty Salon
Selena Gomez is ready for a new appointment with Justin Bieber. Help her to be beautiful and gorgeous in Selena Gomez Beauty Salon.
Play First Baby Bath
First Baby Bath
Take care of this little girl while doing her first bath alone. Follow all instructions in First Baby Bath.
Play Miley Cyrus Spa
Miley Cyrus Spa
All the celebrities love to go to spas. You already know you very well, but you'll find out even better with Miley Cyrus Spa.
Play Safari Park
Safari Park
I'm going to a Safari park, will you come with me? Come see all the species of animals less common in our park.
Play Peach Blossom Island
Peach Blossom Island
Imagine a beautiful island where you can live happily, your island of dreams. Realizzala then with Peach Blossom Island.
Play Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream Maker
Summer is the best season to eat some ice cream. Ice Cream Maker will then definitely for you.
Play Princess Cinderella Clean Up
Princess Cinderella Clean Up
The sad little Cinderella has to clean the whole house before the others arrive. Help her with Princess Cinderella Clean Up.
Play Shopping 4 Summer
Shopping 4 Summer
Shopping is absolutely essential in the summer. Discover the beauty of buying new clothes with Shopping 4 Summer.
Play Sweet Summer Makeover
Sweet Summer Makeover
Look at this girl could definitely be more beautiful.

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