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Gioca Pirate Slacking
Pirate Slacking

Sarah is sailing with a crew of pirates along the sea.
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Gioca Carnival Slacking
Carnival Slacking

It is the festive season and the carnival came to town.
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Gioca Pop Star Slacking
Pop Star Slacking

The musical talent of Sarah was now recognized by all.
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Gioca Cinema Slacking
Cinema Slacking

Sarah is going on a date with her ​​boyfriend Tim to the movies.
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Gioca Supermarket Slacking
Supermarket Slacking

Sarah was recently hired at a supermarket, but his work did not really like.
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Gioca Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny

The hungry bunnies have invaded your farm.
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Gioca Baby Gangnam Style
Baby Gangnam Style

Helping your child to dance the smash hit of Gangnam Style.
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Gioca Busy Housewife
Busy Housewife

Being a housewife is definitely not an easy task.
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Gioca Super Bus
Super Bus

Check the tickets of all passengers is not easy, but I'm sure you will be able.
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Gioca Selena Gomez Date Rush
Selena Gomez Date Rush

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber will go on vacation in Hawaii.
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Gioca My Superhero Boyfriend
My Superhero Boyfriend

Avoid all the nerds to get your kid dressed as a superhero.
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Gioca Cleaning Slacking
Cleaning Slacking

Sarah's mother decided that her daughter has to clean the whole room.
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Gioca Girl Pool Party
Girl Pool Party

These girls are having so much fun to shoot guns with water in the pool.
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Gioca Bumper Boat Rush
Bumper Boat Rush

Throw out your friends with your life jacket in the pool.
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Gioca Cute Flower Studio
Cute Flower Studio

Your garden is very colorful? Grow new plants to embellish it.
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Gioca Panda Tropical Dancing 2
Panda Tropical Dancing 2

This panda is traveling around the world and he really wants to dance.
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Gioca Polyjuice for Harry Potter
Polyjuice for Harry Potter

Create the perfect blend to become one of the characters in the Harry Potter series.
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Gioca Perfume Workshop
Perfume Workshop

Have you always wanted to create a new fragrance for a perfume? This is the game for you.
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Gioca Devilish Stylist
Devilish Stylist

Ruin the hairstyles of various clients to make the girl angry angel.
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Gioca Tweet Tweet
Tweet Tweet

The journey to the south for the winter is really hard.
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Gioca Fasten the Shoes
Fasten the Shoes

Fasten the shoe according to the scheme proposed by the game.
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Gioca Get Married Test
Get Married Test

Want to know when you get married? Check out this test!
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Gioca Big Eater
Big Eater

Eat as smooth as possible in just a minute.
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Gioca Caroline Goes To School
Caroline Goes To School

A new day is beginning, but Caroline is not ready to go to school.
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Gioca Barbie Jumpin' Fun
Barbie Jumpin' Fun

Help Barbie jumping rope, picking up the objects in the background.
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Gioca Frogtastic 2
Frogtastic 2

Turn the frog into a handsome prince, creating the perfect lipstick.
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Gioca Funny Halloween Girl
Funny Halloween Girl

Halloween is finally here. Celebrate with this lovely girl.
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Gioca Let's Make Lemonade
Let's Make Lemonade

Help Strawberry Shortcake and her friends prepare the lemonade.
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Gioca Quiet Magic 2
Quiet Magic 2

Impersonating a witch who wants to make fun of his companion.
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Gioca Vuvuzela Nailer
Vuvuzela Nailer

Tired of the annoying noise of the vuvuzela? Enjoy destroy all the annoying trumpets.
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