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Cleaning Games! Clean the rooms, the kitchen, the bedroom.Use the cleanser, the broom, the mop and so on!

Gioca Cleaning Birthday Party
Cleaning Birthday Party

Today is the birthday of Mia who is organizing a big party.
Games cleaning
Gioca Help Lucy
Help Lucy

Lucy is very messy and as usual, his house is a big mess.
Games cleaning
Gioca Blue Ribbon Farm
Blue Ribbon Farm

Clean and cared for the cow using the accessories available.
Games cleaning
Gioca Selena Gomez Party Clean Up
Selena Gomez Party Clean Up

Help Selena Gomez to clean his whole house and decorating for the party tonight.
Games cleaning
Gioca Clean Up For Santa Claus
Clean Up For Santa Claus

Santa Claus is too busy to clean her house.
Games cleaning
Gioca Dora Party Clean Up
Dora Party Clean Up

Help Dora to clean her house and decorate for a party.
Games cleaning
Gioca First Party Clean Up
First Party Clean Up

Tonight you've organized your first party, but the house is a bit messy.
Games cleaning
Gioca S.O.S Clean Up My Home
S.O.S Clean Up My Home

The owners of the house are going to return but still the house is a mess.
Games cleaning
Gioca Time to Clean Up
Time to Clean Up

Lucy's mother will not be very happy to find the house in bad condition.
Games cleaning
Gioca Cleaning Slacking
Cleaning Slacking

Sarah's mother decided that her daughter has to clean the whole room.
Games cleaning
Gioca Valentine Party Cleanup
Valentine Party Cleanup

Emily held a party for Valentine's Day, but the house is too messy.
Games cleaning
Gioca Hotel Clean Up
Hotel Clean Up

Help the girl to clean the hotel as quickly as possible.
Games cleaning
Gioca Clean Green City
Clean Green City

Collect all the garbage from the various houses to clean up your town.
Games cleaning
Gioca Back to School Clean Up
Back to School Clean Up

It's time to go back to school! Clean the entire house before this great event.
Games cleaning
Gioca Clean Little Piggy
Clean Little Piggy

Clean Babe, take care of her and clothe him and then choose the accessories you want.
Games cleaning
Gioca Polly's Yacht
Polly's Yacht

Even Polly Pocket safeguard our planet is important.
Games cleaning
Gioca Date Dream Boy
Date Dream Boy

Hannah asked her mother to clean her room.
Games cleaning
Gioca The Best Husband in the World
The Best Husband in the World

Your wife is just out and left you a series of works for the house to play ... Try to make them better!
Games cleaning
Gioca Magical Broom
Magical Broom

Jennifer had to clean the house and are already parents to return!
Games cleaning
Gioca First Date Rush
First Date Rush

The whole house is still messy and the boy with whom you have an appointment, has already arrived!
Games cleaning
Gioca Pinky's Pickup Bedroom
Pinky's Pickup Bedroom

Pinky helps a tidy and clean his entire room. Choose several places and put in order everything is out of place.
Games cleaning
Gioca Spring Garden Clean Up
Spring Garden Clean Up

Help the girl to clean the garden. Move all items in the exact place.
Games cleaning
Gioca Tidy Up
Tidy Up

Hurry to clean your room before it reaches your mother.
Games cleaning
Gioca Pool Party Clean Up
Pool Party Clean Up

After a fantastic pool party, it's time to clean all the rooms.
Games cleaning

Games Cleaning

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